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Furniture & Upholstery

We have a beautiful selection of unique fine-art tables hand-made by various artisans.  If you're looking for a functional piece of art, this may be the find for you!  Some of the materials used include glass, wood, metal and marble.


The studio also specializes in reupholstered antique furniture.  In her travels, these one-of-kind pieces are carefully selected by our designer, reupholstered and sometimes painted or refinished to create a stunning piece.  We have chairs, ottomans, and sofas that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.  This is one of our favorite and most popular on-going projects.


In addition, we are happy to reupholster pieces you may already own.  We can assist you in giving your furniture a life you never knew it had!  Please give us a call to discuss your piece.

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